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1 Life... (Twice)2

Author Name: Aishwarya Ravi Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

One Life (Twice)2 is about the four new chances at life that I have got. Having been diagnosed with bipolar depression, psychosis, mild agoraphobia, panic attacks and anxiety disorder, this book talks about my journey as a fighter rather than a survivor. It also talks about certain self-help mechanisms, some insights about how people around us can support us, certain questions that people like us usually wonder about, the stigmas, dilemmas, superstitions, taboos that revolve around mental illness and the importance of seeking medical help.

It becomes quite a challenge to ascertain that the time hasn’t ended for us, and this revelation occurred to me when I reflected on the saying, “Life is precious.” It was then that I realised that I have to save myself first and not end my life if I wanted to share my story and make people discern that they sure have company on the cruise.

“Hope might lose a life, but life will never lose hope,” this is my mantra which helps me fight every second of life... ARK is the acronym of my name and I decipher it as, Acceptance, Reflection and being a Knight in the quest for learning life.

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Aishwarya Ravi Kumar

Aishwarya Ravi Kumar believes that “Knowledge is neither confined by age nor time,” and that is the reason why she strives to find answers for situations that life hurls at her. She is under psychiatric care from the age of 16 and this has not stopped her from living life the way she wants it. Accepting herself was the milestone that embarked her on the voyage for finding herself. The only deed that she cherishes now is the treasure of life, which she grapples not to quit.