by राज राजेश्वर मलिण्डा


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

Akeek is the collection of poems which reflects the collectively efforts for all about life saga and present the way to develop simpler thinking for life butAkeek strongly favours the ultimate saga of life in the way of mature thinking and intellectual efforts towards being human and moreover life. It also tries to put better and constructive efforts to make something meaningful for the society. Akeek means reflection of happiness, joy of creativity, dreaming and fabulous reminder about the beauty of life to make it special with every moment of life. It’s all about spiritualway of thinking and living towards Life. Live the Life you want.

About the Author

Raj Rajeshwar Malinda, currently pursuing Doctor of philosophy (PhD) from University of Copenhagen, Denmark as a special sponsored candidate from Government of India. He did his masters of science in Biotechnology from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. The world of literature always attracts him especially form of poems which reflect the saga of life and he is more passionate about to write poems for beauty of life. He tries to put more efforts to write poems about youth thinking, behavior and intellectuality. Akeek is the first poetry collection and willing to continue in future to write poems on ultimate saga of Life.

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