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18+, Age of adolescence welcome to the roller coaster

Author Name: Sparsh Dixit | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Being an adult is not an easy task, majorly it is seen as in terms of sexual puberty which only makes a part of it. As a person being 18+ also brings an inundation of mental and emotional upheavals which are mostly ignored by others and by us too.

This ignorance about the changes that happening to us at this stage will responsible for all our mental and emotional traumas and ultimately brings us at a tragic situation of anxiety and depression and we as a person with whom these changes are actually happening are unknown about them.

We're belonging to the generation who believe to be pragmatic and rational beings but actually we are the ones who gets influenced so easily and this is something I am trying to address with you and to all my mates over there who are experiencing changes around them and within themselves.
With this one shot book I am trying to give each and every 18+ over there a new angle of seeing the changes that are happening in a conscious and right way, pointing out the most common mistakes which we as 18+ adult person made at this stage of life which later became a reason of our sufferings and regrets.

With this book you are going to be more aware about the situations and scenarios that you'll face in this phase which helps you to be mentally and emotionally balanced on taking appropriate decisions when these things are hapenning to you that effects a huge part of life.

Live is not about achieving, It's a never ending process of becoming.

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Sparsh Dixit

Sparsh, As the name says itself (touch), wants to live his life in complete sense, A high ambitious person. To live each and every moment with full consciousness and awareness. He was Born and grew up in the Kanpur{U.P}, the leather city of the world, completed his schooling from a CBSE board school. A newbie writer on Amazon KDP.

He himself a reader who likes to read about self help, personal finance and spirituality. Apart from that he also likes to watch mytery,thriller and sci-fi genre of movies.

Basically a student both in academics and in life, trying to understand every lesson that life teaches, crossed the adult mark of age just two year ago.

Just a small intro the whole chapter is yet to come;).........