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'87 A Tale of Cricket’s Freedom

Author Name: Dhayakar Reddy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In 1983, India won its first-ever cricket World Cup on English soil, becoming the first Asian country to do it. Indians around the world rejoiced, except one Indian. It was N.K.P. Salve, the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The reason was that the International Cricket Conference (ICC) denied him two additional tickets to the World Cup finals in 1983. Salve, who was a union minister at the time and a member of the ICC, was perfectly entitled to ask for two additional tickets. However, the organiser's response was curt: he had been given two tickets, which he could use if he wanted, but he would not be given any more. That was the day Salve decided that the World Cup should be held somewhere other than England. Until then, England had the exclusive right to host the World Cup tournament. 

History is made of such little incidents. Despite the obstacles erected by the ICC, Salve accomplished his goal. India hosted the next World Cup in 1987 along with its neighbour Pakistan, a feat that many people believed would be impossible.

This narrative tells how a single man's determination made the seemingly impossible possible and changed the course of Indian cricket history.

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Dhayakar Reddy

Dhayakar Reddy was born in Andhra Pradesh and bought up in Chennai. He is very passionate about writing and filmmaking since childhood. After he completed his degree in engineering, he decided to follow his dream. After working on a few major films such as Madharasapatnam and Deivathirumagal, he began writing his first work of fiction, Do I Still Have a Chance? This book is based on one of his movie scripts, which launched him as a writer. 87 – A Tale of Cricket’s Freedom is his second book which talks about the democratisation of cricket in the late twentieth century.