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Author Name: WILLIAMSJI MAVELI | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Love is the ABODE of GOD, and we all are living in His domicile. This love will reveal a top secret, causing a thousand veils to fall each second.  The first step is to let go of life, to take a step with no wings to fly.

 God spoke about heaven, the “Abode of Heaven” or “Abode of God.” It is important to understand the difference between “heaven” as a kingdom and “heaven” as the virtual abode, pertaining to celestial concepts.

ABODE means a dwelling place. It is described as our future “physical bodies,” into which we will step sometime in the next life. These new bodies will be our own “abodes,” or the temples of God. There will be no “mansions” to evoke jealousy or comparison, pride or covetousness. Worldly wisdom and selfish ambition have devised these interpretations over time. Spiritual wisdom interprets something else. According to me, it simply means a “dwelling place.” 


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A.B.O.D.E (Aesthetic Bliss Of Divine Entity) is Williamsji Maveli’s 5th collection of poetry. He is a freelance writer living in Cochin and has written for several newspapers and columns in the Gulf. He also won an Award of Excellence for his contributions to Malayalam poetry from KGA, based in Sharjah, UAE in 2012.

He has created a place for himself in the world of poetry, depicting realities from his own life. His style of poetic composition is free verse, which deeply explores the inner and outer realms of human survival. Some of his poems are highly romantic in nature and philosophical in theme.

For Williamsji Maveli, poetry is an outline, an elegant sketch of literature that uses artistic and visual rhythmic qualities of language—such as aesthetic bliss, depicting imagery, resonance symbolism and meter—to evoke meanings in addition to, or in place of, the colorless professed meaning of a divine entity.