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A Bliss In Chaos True Essence Of Realities In Book

Author Name: Areeba Hassan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

The Book ‘A Bliss in Chaos’ is all about realities of life. Here people will be able to relate themselves with each line of the book. The purpose to write this book is to help people around to cope with upcoming challenges and thorns in their life and is clearly stated. We come across many known connecting terms, which associates reality within it, where those terms are used in day-to-day activities. Reading something, which you can relate, gives you and level of happiness, especially when you are going through the current situation, so keeping all these in her mind The author has penned in detail. Readers will surely get some motivation and help through this book. 

A Bliss in Chaos actually means Hidden Happiness in chaos, chaos refers to confusions created or something tough, this book will help you find bliss even in chaos of life, which is a mixture of ups and Lows. Hope it brings some positivity in to dear readers. Put on your seat belt and be ready to take off with bliss in the clouds of bliss.

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Areeba Hassan

Areeba Hassan is currently a student pursuing B. com [A & F] Final Year residing in Kuwait City natively belonging to Bihar, India yet settled in Odisha, Rourkela. Her aim is to pursue ACCA. Apart from academics, writing is in Areeba’ s veins and most probably her biggest addiction. She began her writing career in 2020 and got the recognition of published and content writer. She strongly believes that writing can help your soul heal as it helps you vent your hidden emotions out. She mostly writes those things or phase, which can be related with everyday life and human thoughts. She has a nature of helping and motivating the distress, you can even say that she loves doing all those things that are quite beneficial for the world She has been a part of maximum 10 + anthologies as a co-author and has compiled 2 anthologies