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A Country without a Poet

Author Name: Roopini Mayur Balaji | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

An amber-rum coloured cottage by the lake, an inherently precocious mind, and the freedom to oscillate between two high-profile professions.

This lawyer turned columnist has all of this and much more to her credit. But for this enchantingly neurotic woman, more is less. What sends her on her downward spiral? What are the perks of having a perpetually disenchanted mind such as hers?

An innate ability to view life through rose-tinted glasses, an enviable political acumen, and an infinite capacity to indulge in eccentricities.

This intense lawyer-by-day and dreamer-by-night writes exquisite poetry about anything that captures his fancy. His brain is a nerd’s Rubik’s cube.

Who is his muse? What tickles his sophisticated mind?


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Roopini Mayur Balaji

Roopini Mayur Balaji is a corporate lawyer by day and a true-blue Floydian by night from Bangalore.

She’s been known to like the word ‘narcissism’ quite a lot. When she’s not OD’ing on caffeine or cribbing about her OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), she can be found reading and re-reading Ayn Rand.

As you’re reading this, she’s off to a quaint little bistro in her neighbourhood to write and tear up more drafts and ideas for her next book. She deserves a cocktail in her name.

You can write to her at: