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A Date with the Soulmate - An Emotional Instinct

by Suresh K Agarwal

Format: Paperback

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The contents of the book are life inspirational, motivators and full of moral values and ethics. The purpose of the book shall serve as a handy ready reckoner and correct the mistakes of life and never fail and always succeed without any ego. Innocence is the flavour of the book which is adorable area very lovely and god willing will be liked by all ages readers - including children's because the small moral stories read and listened have been crafted on almost all the grounds of life from - Greed, Luck, Fear, Proud, Be what you are etc. The journey of the book will be very heart touching to the readers because its all about ups and downs of life, comforts and pairs of life, success and failures, innocence and over confidence. The main reason behind the contents of the chapter isto live lifewith principles of life, with some dignity with some efforts, without any fear, pain, hurt, love the life as it comes and do the best and leave the rest is the mantra of the book. The karma theory is also scripted without the influences of false Ego of the doer's activities in the chapters.

The author is a God fearing man with sensitive and emotional nature.The author has given is best out of his life’s experiences which he has gonethrough from good and bad, ups and downs, breakthru and breakdown finances, Deteriorated Relationships, Passion and Compassions, Success and failures, Comforts and Sufferings, Innocence and overconfidence and ultimately practically faced and learned the subjects in reality and morales and philosophies of life, Ethics and principles of Business are the contents of the book.

This is for all the generations to correct themselves and not to suffer and commit the same mistakes and prosper and lead a life with dignity and die with dignity. .

The people who bank on only luck will also not benefit and will waste their precious time waiting for windfalls. The efforts and luck runs parallel like the rail-track equally. The author is also a firm believer of karma theory – Do the best and live the rest. And keep on doing without any expectations of the results of your doings. Play the character of the show to your best, you will be awarded, you will be rewarded, you will be applauded. Under the influence of false ego one thinks himself to be the doer of activities, while in reality all activities are carried out by nature as natural process.

The author has seen the riches and spent lavishly on comforts; clothes, luxury cars and was the frequent flyer and was the privilege card holder of all the airlines, and at the same time he never felt to move on with a two wheeler, with no credit cards. No bank balances, no protocols absolutely a mediocre life.

The author has passed through severe depression stage when his industries were shutdown, auctioned by bankers and was imprisoned for 45 days for charges of tax evasion for amassing wealth in a short term by the authorities. Therefore ability without dependability, responsibility and flexibility is a liability.
People without conviction do not take a stand–They go along to get along because they lack confidence and courage. Some people consider themselves a shade better because they do not support the wrong, however they lack the conviction to oppose. But by not opposing something you know is wrong, you are actually supporting it. And here I end up by saying –

“If you can you will and If you can’t you will never.”

Finally my inspirational lines which aspired me to write –

“If you write something it should be worth reading and if can’t, then do something
worth writing”



A Date with the Soulmate





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