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A Gentle Introduction to Graph Theory

by Valsamma K.M

Format: Paperback

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Graph theory is a subject which is gaining momentum in the syllabi of different Engineering, streams especially in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Communication Engineering , Environmental science & Material Physics. The book is tailor made to the needs of students of undergraduate courses in Mathematics, B.Tech, and Post Graduate courses in science and computer application of various universities. The topics covered in the book have been chosen with a view to easily bridging the knowledge gap in Mathematics that exist between students of various streams for a better understanding of the subject. However the book gives a compact yet rigorous treatment of the mathematical tool available for a general of study of graphs. The book is also designed to be self contained consisting of eight chapters. Each chapter contains a large number of illustrations with examples to explain definitions and theorems therein. To stimulate further learning interest, practice problem are inserted.

Dr. Valsamma K M, a native of Kerala has been a Post-Doctoral Fellow, (of National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM), DST, Government of India) with CUSAT, Kochi and has been Category A speaker, of Theoretical Physics Seminar Circuit (TPSC), SB Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, during 1993-1994. She has also served in the capacity of Resource person for UGC Sponsored Refresher Courses, & Member of Passing Board of CUSAT. She has been awarded several distinctions like, Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, 21st century award for achievement, & International scientist of the year by IBC, Cambridge, CB2, 3QP, England. Presently she is working as the Head of the department of Supportive and Allied Courses, & Board of studies Member, of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering under Kerala Agricultural University. She has been with the faculty of Agricultural Engineering since 1994. She has published books in the Field of Non linear Dynamics and Environmental Science and has published several papers in the leading National and International Journals like Physics Letters A, PhysicaScripta, Int. Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos and journal of Physics etc. She has also attended and participated in many National and International Seminars/ workshops/ summer Institutes and Refresher Courses. Currently she is the Associate Editor of Bonfringe International Journal, Associate Board Member-Editorial Board, IOSR-JAP Journals, Reviewer of Global Journals Inc, &Reviewer of IJERT journals. Her main area of interest is Mathematics and Physics.



A Gentle Introduction to Graph Theory





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