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A Walk Tread on Champ

by Yuvraj Human

Format: Paperback

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When Yuvraj along with his family moved from Kathmandu to Kolkata, he came across a life that was different. Instead of going to school, he was told to work and support his family economically. Moreover, his feet started rotting and with slippers in his hands, he started walking barefoot. One day, when he was determined to quit and give up, his feet beseeched him and with a teary face agonized, "I know that right now everything around you is dark and you see no ray of hope. However, I don’t want to give up, for I want to do what I was meant to. I want to walk.” Yuvraj never knew that this episode would make him a stronger individual than he ever was.

Yuvraj Human is currently working in an IT company as a Sales and Marketing Executive. He completed his MBA in HR and Marketing from IBS Business School, Gurgaon (2013–15) and did his Graduation in commerce, (B Com Honors) from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, 2009–12. Apart from his credentials, he is very passionate about interacting with people of all ages, listening to their stories and making each individual feel important.



A Walk





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