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Aadal, Paadal, Vilaiyaadal / ஆடல், பாடல், விளையாடல்

Author Name: Meenakshi Balganesh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Sports & Games | Other Details

Would you like to learn how to play the game of ammanai, juggling the balls (panthattam) or kazhangu?

When you do so, can you sing songs in the form of riddles about the three gods- Brahma, Vishnu and Siva- matching the words to the speed with which the ammanai balls are thrown up and caught?

Yes, you can learn about such interesting games, how they are played, how the songs were composed for each particular game, what their themes were about and more from the various chapters of this book.

Do you know about the water-sports played by our Tamil ancestors? There are also rituals, while enjoying a swim in the rivers - our Sangam literature portrays this beautifully.

This book will take you back in time and describe to you how they are sung and played. You can also understand how some of these games and songs played and sung by our great grandmothers have stood the test of time as they are still being played in villages of Tamil Nadu.

Come, let us look at these in detail and admire the intelligence of our ancestors and appreciate a part of Tamil Literature……..

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Meenakshi Balganesh / மீனாக்ஷி பாலகணேஷ்

Meenakshi Balganesh, a retired scientist lives in Bangalore with her husband and she is an ardent lover of Tamil literature. She writes literary articles, serials, occasional short stories and short fictional serials in Tamil magazines like Deepam (Kalki Group), Mangaiyar Malar, Kalaimagal, Manjari, OmSakthi and in many Tamil websites (Vallamai, Solvanam, TamilHindu, Tharakai, Padhaakai, Pratilipi).

The serial ‘Krishna the little child’ written by her has been published as an e-book by Translations of Tagore’s two plays and Tolstoy’s novelette ‘The prisoner in the Caucasus’ have also been published as e-books. She has won the first prize for the translation of Tagore’s drama ‘Chitra’ in a competition conducted by in 2017.