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Achudhan’s Diary A Slice of a Killer’s Life

Author Name: Bharani Chackravarthy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Achudhan and Prashanthi are in deep love with one and other. They decide to take their relationship one step further by moving in together. Prashanthi felt that Achudhan was a perfect partner for her, despite him being mute and an orphan. But what she doesn’t know is that Achudhan has a dark side to him. He is a serial killer and gets satisfaction from taking a human life. Achudhan has a unique and abstract love towards violence, but his love for Prashanthi was more superior. So, when they move in together, he decides to hide his identity from her and also thinks about quitting his dark life.

But as days go by, his mental trauma starts to mount. Being a sidekick of a religious serial killer for years, Achudhan finds it hard to get over his addiction. He finally gives in to his urges and decides to kill one last time. And from that moment, his world starts crumbling bit by bit. People slowly start to discover his secrets. He starts gaining enemies and friends, but he finds it difficult to differentiate among them.

Does Achudhan overcome it all and have a happy life with his loved one? Can a human, who has had the worst possible start to his life, attain a ‘happily ever after’ ending? If yes, then can people be differentiated as good and bad?

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Bharani Chackravarthy

Bharani Chackravarthy was born in 1995 and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he decided to switch from technical engineering to technical writing for brands. But he always fantasized about telling stories and crime dramas. He then made another switch in his career from blogging to filmmaking and screenwriting. Creating grey-shaded characters and putting them into the world he created was something he loved to do. He strongly believes that writing and flying are more or less the same. A pen is your invisible wings, and the blank page in front of you is the sky. This book is his first officially published work and is a crime thriller.

At this moment, he would want to thank Kanmani Ratna and Nirupama Cemballi for editing the manuscript. He would also like to thank the illustrators, Pheobe Collen and Kaniķkairaj S, for making the illustrations and visualizing the world of Achudhan. He is also dedicating this book to his grandmother, Veeramani Ammal, who had passed away due to Corona.