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Adventures of Mr. Munchkins!

Author Name: Sahana Suman, Rakhi Kapoor | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Mr. Munchkins is a happy, fun-loving man and owns an ice cream parlour. Children love to visit his ice cream parlour and relish the various exotic flavours of ice creams he serves. Mr. Munchkins mostly keeps the company of children. Hence, his behavior is childish. He often forgets that he is an adult and gets into all kinds of troubles with the amusing stunts he pulls off. His actions end up irritating his wife most of the time. 


Mr. Munchkins along with his family, friends and pets visit various places and do a lot of exciting things together. Every simple thing that involves Mr. Munchkins becomes an adventure filled with thrill and fun. Experience the simple pleasures and learn life lessons magnified with a lot of laughs with Mr. Munchkins.

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Sahana Suman, Rakhi Kapoor

Rakhi Kapoor and Sahana Suman are best friends aged 44 and 11 respectively. They have co-authored this humorous book to spread the love of reading and writing. The combination of these authors is unique. They bring joy into each other’s lives as well as in the lives of their family and friends.

Rakhi is an established author who has published books in various genres including four bestsellers. Her expressions are intended to provide a better quality of life for others. Rakhi is also an entrepreneur, a public speaker, trekking enthusiast and a globe-trotter.

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Sahana is gifted with numerous talents. She is a hardworking student who balances her academic responsibilities and her role as a young author. She became an author at the age of ten. She believes in enhancing the essence of writing.  She aspires to write books that can impact the lives of her readers from a child’s perspective.

Adventure’s of Mr. Munchkins is Rakhi’s 20th book and Sahana’s 2nd book.