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Adyatan-Gita / अद्यतन-गीता

Author Name: Arun Kumar Tripathi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

The book Up-to-date Gita aims to provide knowledge of The Gita to the common man in the simplest form, eliminating the remoteness of the same for people. Generally, the common man may prefer to stay away from The Gita due to it being in Sanskrit and having complex commentary. So, people are deprived of its divine teachings and are not able to make their life beautiful and successful. On the other hand, Ramcharitmanas is more popular in the public mind due to its simple and intelligible language. However, in The Gita, there are more beneficial teachings for a common man. To make these teachings accessible to the general public, the book has been composed.

The narrative is written in the same flow as there is dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna. By not giving the verses of The Gita and their connotations separately, this book has been composed only based on the scripture. At the beginning of each chapter, a description of the verses of The Gita has been given to test the truth of the statement written in the book.

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अरुण कुमार त्रिपाठी

Arun Kumar Tripathi spends his time in religious activities and social concerns after retiring from the post of deputy commissioner in the business tax department in the Uttar Pradesh Government. His first book is Ramcharitmanas Kwaichit Aurthi. His articles on the themes of Ramcharitmanas and Srimad Bhagwat Geeta are published from time to time in various magazines. And Akashwani continues to express his views on various religious occasions in Lucknow. He was educated in Hamirpur district of Bundelkhand and completed his higher education from BSC, LLB, Kanpur University.