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All It Takes is a Spark Stories to Propel You to Success

Author Name: Z Mohamed Nassar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Every single human being has the potential to achieve whatever he/she wants to accomplish in life and work; all it takes is a spark to kindle one’s broader vision to think BIG. 

All the benefits that we enjoy in life: be it the mobile phone, internet, artificial intelligence, etc. have happened because of a SPARK in someone’s heart, which resulted in these inventions.  

It just takes a spark to get inspired, set a vision, get out of challenging situations, bounce back from failures and raise the bar to set high standards in our life and work.

In the pages of this book, you will get a spark from every story in the areas of self-improvement, business, creating wealth, building a team, developing leadership skills, and sustaining extraordinary customer service excellence.

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Z Mohamed Nassar

Z Mohamed Nassar, an entrepreneur, storyteller, and professional speaker, is a business strategic vision and results-oriented coach who helps business owners make extraordinary growth and profits by implementing world-class management tools. 

He is a highly acclaimed trainer, inspiring and transforming the lives of business owners, corporate leaders and executives in India and abroad.