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All That Glitters, Is Not Love

Author Name: Sneha Sinha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

There is one life. Have no regrets!

Myra believes in dreams but would help us understand how to not fall in a pit following those dreams blindly. 

Are girls confused? Or an Over-thinker? Or Impatient? Girls usually get these adjectives by a bunch of not-so-perfect people. 

You can say the same about Myra but knowing her thought process, understanding what and how she had to make her choice and going through her not so calculative mindset, your perception about girls might change.

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Sneha Sinha

Sneha writes, that's why you are reading this obviously. Obsessed with horror movies, she wrote a romantic book, there must be something in common. She is a blogger and you can reach her blog by entering the keywords "get out of the line, live life to the full, don't get affected by criticism, mind your own business". No seriously, try once!