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Allegories for Bohemians

Author Name: Tapo Vijay Kar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

The human brain has an enormous and infinite capacity. Not only can it think in various ways in different circumstances but it also has the capacity to think free and beyond boundaries. That’s the beauty of our species called Homo sapiens. The stories in the book are a collection of such manifestations in the world that we live. Some of the sneak peeks are –

·         Niti finding her liberation from the shackles of moralities and finding herself.

·         Does Sexuality have any ambit of probity?

·         The larger-than-life aim of Gayatri’s, which led her to think alternatively on the purpose of life and the means to achieve it.

·         Tathagoto’s revelation on the Universe (Let it not be the spoiler).

·         The kinds of service people can offer in this world.

·         A Serial Killer’s Chronicle.

·         An Adventure of a different kind.

·         A tell-tale of Romance in our times.

·         Treasure hunt of a servant through the pages of History.  

·         Stranger than fiction service offered. 

I consider myself felicitous in my ways for the last so many years as my livelihood had revolved around interacting with more humans than machines.


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Tapo Vijay Kar

The author has over 21 years of experience in various segments of the industry, part of which covers the hospitality sector, academic, and human resource functions. His job has given him the privilege to work closely with people from various walks of life and economic segments in various geographies. His current  job in the  Human Resource function entailed him to travel to the wide-spread geography of India and thus enabled him to mix and interact with various cultural novelties.

Each of the stories inside has a subliminal effect of all such experiences and interactions.

The author has always been fascinated by the subject of the human mind and the universe. It has never ceased to amaze him on its various manifestations. Through this book, he has tried to showcase the same. The mind was, is and always will be free.