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Alphabetica A Satire On Majoritarianism

Author Name: Roy Phoenix | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Planet Typewriter is home to twenty-six Alphabeticans, ten Numericans, and a bunch of Punctuations and Signs. This planet of peace, love and harmony, is complete with the Italics – an ‘Inking Hole’ famous for music, dance and good-natured lampooning. All inhabitants work for equal rights and pay at their word factory, the Underwood. For the Alphabeticans, the Typewriter God is the Poet, and for the Numericans, He is the Writer. One planet, two Gods.

Alphabetica’s Ypsilon (Consonant Y) can’t stop asking “Why?” she can’t have the article ‘an’, despite forming words without Vowels. She claims that the twenty-one Consonant Majority are descendants of the 3500-year-old Phoenicians. The five Vowel Minority are Greek intruders. When Y hears about Epsilon (Vowel E, the standup comedian) garnering an overwhelming share of words in the Lexicon, she becomes paranoid about the Vowels’ clout and her likely extinction. Soon, Y seeks divine intervention from a ‘Great Dictator’ who had ruthlessly eliminated the minority. Her ever-increasing hubris and hatred force the Vowels to seek asylum in Numerica – the land of the rival worshippers of the Writer. With the world of words silenced, the Poet abandons the Underwood. 

Will the Punctuations and Signs tilt the balance to prevent the war of wor(l)ds? Find the answers in Alphabetica, an allegorical satire that addresses the ever contemporary themes of fanaticism and intolerance.

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Roy Phoenix

Roy comes from a family of creative professionals. His father started one of India's first ad agencies, called ‘Phoenix’. He would read adventure and historical novels aloud, inspiring young Roy to vividly express these as chalk art on red-oxide floors.

Roy got to spend his holidays at Phoenix, where he fell in love with this mythical bird. Soon his sketchbooks evolved to product illustrations with childish copy and headlines. He also discovered that the twenty-six English letters were referred to as ‘characters’. In his mind, they became human characters with strong likes and dislikes for each other.

At 15, he scripted his first Hindi thriller that was considered seriously by a leading Bollywood director. Through college, he did a slew of odd jobs, ranging from tramcar tourist guide to cinema slide maker. Every assignment offered different facets and stories to be narrated. His first job as a creative apprentice with India’s largest ad agency gave him well-rounded exposure to art and copy. Ad films became his passion. With moments stolen from his day job, he managed to exhibit his art, write screenplays, and make his debut feature film, winning the 'Best Feature Film’ award at the Stuttgart Film Festival.

Having achieved the highpoint of his career with his induction to the International Advertising Association’s ‘Hall of Fame’, he took a sabbatical to complete his first novel. A tribute to his storyteller dad for firing up his imagination as a young child.