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Am I Lost or Was I Never Found ?

Author Name: Shaista Samreen | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

I keep asking myself if I am lost or was I never found? I nevertheless continue hearing a voice that whispers I am both lost and found at the same. This book is about how my thoughts grew from a teenager to an early adult. I have lost and found myself several times in this war, and the war is still not over, but now I am used to fighting. I might not win the battle, but I will surely win the war. I hope you connect to my words and find yourself in them, as I did at some point.

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Shaista Samreen

I am like the ashes that are left when I light up myself with the fire inside of me. I am like the rainbow that is seen after my clouds weep and the sun wipes off my tears, like a lover of mine. I am not easily defined, but I like it like this: who likes to be understood and hates to be understood? I am a part of myself, and the rest is a mystery that I am still unfolding like crumbled paper. I never loved life, but I loved everything that made me feel alive. I loved everything that made me feel dead too, as it only made me realise that I was here, feeling everything deep inside my bones. To be honest, I can't afford to introduce myself within two pages or so. I am like an encyclopaedia and a cyclone of thoughts. These few pages won't define who I am, but they might reflect some parts of me. Hola, I am Shaista Samreen a crazy soul who loves everything so deeply that sometimes she drowns in them, but always learns how to swim back to the top.  My personality is quite different from my poems, I am 21 and funny. I have a lot of hobbies and I am a mystery. Well that’s what I think.