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An Ounce of Gratitude Stories of Self-Reflection and Emotions

Author Name: Shashidhar Bairapu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

When I decided to stop my education with a bachelor’s degree, Prof. Tanuku said, “These are not problems at all. You will be in real trouble if you stop your education now.” He agreed to pay the expenses to complete my post-graduation. We need hooks to hold when life hits us harder. I held on to his advice, completed the MSc and have been working since 2005. 

One evening in August 2010, I was walking home and thinking about how to end my life. Then, I remembered my dad’s caution: “Do not make Srinivas Sir think twice when he wants to help another student in the future as he did to you today.” So, I decided to face my failures and become successful.

In March 2019, my dad’s words questioned all the success I had been thinking about. As a result, I lost all my emotional hooks and was vulnerable. Name it to tame it – a fundamental in emotional coaching. Instead, I chose gratitude to find my pillars to stand firmly and victorious again. The book presents the reviewed events from the earliest memories of my life to date while practising 100 days of gratitude. In the beginning, it seemed complicated. Now, 100 days are not sufficient to thank people in my life. 

If you are feeling low, lost and lonely, this book will help you find your emotional support within and allows you to stay strong.

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Shashidhar Bairapu

Shashidhar Bairapu is an environmental professional with more than 15 years of professional experience. By profession, he assesses the environmental impacts of industrial activities. Evaluating the implications of human behaviour is his passion. His curiosity propelled him to acquire certification in a neuro-linguistic programme, life coaching, nutrition and personal finances. He is a distinguished toastmaster and servant leader. He is interested in knowledge sharing and augmenting ideas for the greater good.