And So I Lived

by Mahesh Ubhayakar


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

Sachin Khanauji survives a train accident with grievous injuries. Having to forego his dream of a Defence job, a disillusioned Sachin gets employed in Indian Railways where, unexpectedly, he finds his true calling.

He discovers the real heroes of our Indian transportation system, in the unsung, isolated, neglected but exploited Diesel Locomotives and its quirky Maintenance Sheds, and strives to salvage their place in the sun.

Peppered with humorous anecdotes, touching accounts and pithy observations, 'And So I Lived' is a fictional biography by Mahesh G. Ubhayakar, surmising his bitter-sweet experiences, in his 25 years’ in Railways - the hardship, the resilience and the triumph in bringing some required changes in the Society, Industry, Government and even in Cricket, in terms of mindset as well as streamlining.

The book highlights (in the form of incidents) and attacks some areas of inefficiency, tardiness and hypocrisy in Government offices (which most of us can relate to) and strives to eradicate them. He achieves the purpose in the end, and, in the process, founds a CREDIBLE INDIA.

About the Author

Mahesh Ubhayakar has voluntarily retired from a secure job in Indian Railways, of that of an Office Superintendent from Diesel Loco Shed, Krishnarajapuram in Bangalore, to take the risk of writing and timing this book to its realistic mission. He was grievously injured in the 1989 K.K Express train accident, in the coach photographed above. He recovered miraculously, played and advocated sports, especially cricket, in his Shed, apart from streamlining the eternal diversity in his field of work.

He terms his survival and service in the Shed as a “Celebration of Life” and says, “By the time the Sun burns itself out, or Global warming does us in, or something else happens in-between, I had to tell this story, through the avenue of the ‘less known’ and the ‘lesser seen’!”

The author says this book is a “heart-warming, heart-rending and heart-winning story for all – especially for the service-minded and also the Government bashers.”

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