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Ankahi Ansuni Dastaa

by Shubhangi Laxman Dupte

Format: Paperback

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Life is full of ups and downs. We still survive and live our lives. Life means happiness, sadness, memories, love, dreams; it's a mixture of all. It's about loving, caring, helping, and sharing without which our life is nothing. This book will take you through that amazing journey of your life inorderto help you complete it successfully.

Our life is like a journey, and every journey has a beginning and an end. If we really look forward to tomorrow, there will be problems and sorrows. There are happy and sad moments in our lives which won't continue for long but still, we don't get upset. Those happy and sad moments give us, many learning lessons, success, an and inspiration to achieve something. Everyoneknows time is precious in our daily lives, , it is simply, valuable. Time is the best teacher. It teaches us everything. A flawed but deep human being who wanted nothing more than to be a witness to the world. We can find the realms of our imagination, soul, self, and loss in the pages of this book.

Shubhangi Laxman Dupte is working for an MNC Company as an Executive in the Administrative Department. She has completed her schooling in Mumbai. After college, she completed her aviation and hospitality course.

She is passionate about her writing, and this is her hobby. She has written some blog's, quotes and Shayaris. She has also uploaded one video with her voice about friendship, named “Friend forever." This is her first book in poetic line. It is emotional and inspirational facts about life. She resides in Mumbai.



Ankahi Ansuni Dastaa





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