Anubhav Ki Aankhein,Man ki Paankhein

by Anju Chauhan


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

“Anubhav Ke Aankhein, Mann Ke Pankhein”, hindi poetry is the literal depiction of perception and experiences which may be personal or individual specific and can also become a social perception.While reading through the poems, you may witness those perception and experiences as your personal perception and experiences.You may feel as if your thoughts, love, affection, wish, concern, inspiration, anger and your dream are presented infront of you in the form of these poems.

About the Author

The poetess is Anju Chauhan who is currently working as a teacher in an educational institution. From childhood she was fond of Hindi Literature. After completing her graduation, her interest towards the Hindi language and Literature grew tremendously.

She believes that family and society plays an important role in the development of an individual. Character may be humble but the happenings around them do not allow them to retain their humbleness.Love, beauty and nature may attract them but decrease in morality may trouble them and thus may become one of the main cause for their immoral behavior towards women. The book deals with the views that the reader should understand the importance family, society, own language, moral values and take courage to stand against injustice

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