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Aromaa of the Soul

by Mausmi Thombare - Dhumal

Format: Paperback

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“­ There are some things you cannot see with your eyes. You have to see them with your heart, and that’s the hard part of it.” By Sergio. Bambaren. ­ This quote is apt regarding these poems. ­These poems are the colorful petals with different fragrances aroused from a single flower of soul. ­These poems overtly may seem common but are explorative and obscure and has deep meaning of life. ‘Aromaa of the soul’ tries to discover the desires of soul and sometimes painfully reflects the dark side of life. But as every cloud has a silver lining; it also shows the ray of hope that will enrich one’s life. It also talks about the modernity of life and its effects on social life. Love poems express deep affection and feel that every person urges for. The images in the poems sparkles one’s mind while reading. It gives various experiences and flavors of life that can be savored by the readers and will feel their own.

Maushmi is a bilingual poet and has passion for writing poems in English as well as in Marathi. She has worked as Asst. Professor. She has written many research papers for National and International seminars and has published articles in journals.



Aromaa of the Soul





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