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ATOM All Those Ossum Moments I Want To Remember

Author Name: Ravi M. Shah | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

There is a man, who after an unfortunate event underwent a phase when he was waiting only either to be dead or to be rescued. He had to kill the time but with something sweet; he closed his eyes and remembered those moments of his life he lived. One by one, pictures flashed in front of the mind’s eyes and all he could do was to witness, silently. 

He was rescued and his life took a U-turn. Back in his world, questioned his love ones about incidents in their lives those affected them the most. He meant the incidents they wouldn’t stop thinking about come what may. He gave his ears to all of it. In the end, he got a handful of them to hold on to and called it: Life – an ATOM in itself; and thus, the book All Those Ossum moments!

The world’s private stories are always the hidden beautiful treasures in one’s life but through the stories he realized those were still as much public as there is something common we all can share in the stories. 

Not all but often, we remember moments we felt we had experienced the extremes of Love, Hate, Hugs and Kisses. Love is also an emotion that makes you the most vulnerable and melts you exactly the same as does revenge in one’s life.


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Ravi M. Shah

Ravi M. Shah is a mechanical engineer by profession and a teacher by passion. He is famous for his photography. It never remained a hobby for him just like his love for mythology, ancient history and civilizations and he supports atheism. He has clicked a million of pictures that are appreciated on various social platforms. 

He speaks Gujarati and is a simple man with extraordinary ideas. Not a fanatic about anything but is a cool-headed Amdavadi who is proud to have covered about 2 lakh kilometers on his Avenger and exploring amazing people, different tribes, various societies, variety of cultures, thereby setting a  tone for geographical limitlessness. While others were still reading books, he planned to write a few and edit a few. He is an emerging writer who plans to complete a Trilogy in 2020. ATOM is his debut book.

He can be reached at: