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August Shock Waves

Author Name: Ajay Muppirala | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

It is 2017 and a Lebanese has been ordered to spearhead a sinister mission if successful, could trigger the Third World War.

A beautiful girl with an IQ over 160, is diagnosed with a heart condition as rare as her intellect, is caught in the vortex of love and death.

A first-generation billionaire is determined to eliminate the corrupt, blood thirsty politicians aided by a manifesto known only to a few as The Cleansing Protocol. His chosen mode of retribution – vigilante justice.

A radical fanatic has come into the possession of a fully transportable thermonuclear weapon destined to the nation that he hates the most.

At the Crypto Box, the young ingenious recruits set in motion every module available to them, to prevent a catastrophe so devastating that it could make the world forget Hiroshima.

From the historically-relevant alleys of Delhi’s Chandini Chowk to the opulent city of Moscow, and from the most clandestinely run nuclear weapons’ laboratory to the headquarters of R&AW, embark on an absolutely thrilling ride that would surely make you experience a cocktail of unadulterated emotions.

Discover love, hatred, suspense, ingenuity, hope… in August Shock Waves


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Ajay Muppirala

Ajay Muppirala is a writer, professional mentor and motivational speaker. He has been transforming the thinking patterns of young ignited minds in order to empower them to make them dream beyond the realm of possibilities.

He is a devout pupil of transcendental idealism and epistemology. The author has been actively involved in drawing the distinction between justified belief and opinion. The pursuit of true justified knowledge and wisdom has been the author’s primary objective in life. He believes in harnessing time for the sole purpose of accomplishing goals that are perceived to be impossible propositions. The author’s thoughts are perpetually positioned firmly on the bedrock composed of insatiable hunger for knowledge and excellence.

His novel August Shock Waves took six years to germinate and six months to write. Though the novel is a work of fiction, it provokes a morally insulated soul to question the fundamental basis of human existence and sustenance. He lives with his family in Bangalore.