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Aummy Mummy Story and Screenplay

Author Name: Chhobi Bhaskaran | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

When he regained consciousness, he realized that he was lying inside a tent. A military trunk is seen a little away from him. Jai then stared at the military boxer. Jai's whole body was trembling with fear. The boxer bears the inscriptions of Captain M Wahid, Punjab Regiment, Pakistan Army. My God! He is an Indian boy. So, was he been imprisoned by the military forces of the enemy country, Pakistan? Who brought him to this tent?' 

He tried to remember what happened before he fainted. His name is Jai Kapoor. Age – ten years. They are residents of Amritsar, a city in Punjab. His father's name is Kisan Kapoor, and his mother's name is Aarti. Grandmother – Bindheswari. Due to the artillery shelling and airstrikes during the Indo-Pakistani war, the people of Amritsar were fleeing the city every day. In the chaotic situation, Jai was separated from his parents and fell into the clutches of the kidnappers. Fortunately, he managed to escape from the kidnappers and hid behind a media car. Jai did not know how he got into Pakistan.

He lost consciousness after two nights of starvation and running all day. Then he went to this tent. An announcement was heard on a radio set outside: “Many Hindustani spies have entered Pakistan. They are between the ages of ten and twelve. If you see such an unknown boy roaming around, report it to the nearest police station immediately.” Jai's heart leapt when he heard this. And just then he heard the sound of footsteps in heavy jungle shoes coming towards his tent. Someone came through the curtain of his tent. The man had a sten gun in his hand.

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Chhobi Bhaskaran

Born in a small town in India, Chobbi Bhaskaran started his career working as a co-director in a film and later became known as a playwright and drama director. Initially written in his mother language, the author has translated this screenplay in English to reach a wider audience, adopting his current pen name. Chobbi Bhaskaran is into journalism by profession.