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Author Name: Dr Govind Girase | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

In this book we have elaborated coherent knowledge depicted in ancient ayurvedic scriptures; an understanding of homeopathic remedy relationship, metabolism, with respect to autonomic nervous system activity. Modern medicine concepts are evaluated to interpret homeopathic laws and principles. It helps to understand the relation between consciousness and body metabolism. Ayurveda knowledge is in detail to understand physiological balance as compared to homeopathic knowledge of dynamic psychological development; both aspects are essential to improve biological functional process. It will help medical students to understand pathophysiology of disease as well as homeopathic remedy relationship. Role of specific biomolecule in disease state is very important to understand personalized diet recommendation. This is a preview copy complete book is 220 pages available on amazon.

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Dr Govind Girase

Dr. Govind Girase is a Homeopathic Specialist with a mission. He aims to eliminate the fear of disease suffering from the minds of people by affecting a complete cure in as many cases as possible. He endeavors to make his services and treatment available at affordable costs. Dr. Govind practices in Kalyan, specializing in Asthma. Dr. Govind holds a MSc. Pharmaceutical Medicine postgraduate degree, Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. This is a 5 1/2-year course in the medical field associated with homeopathic medicines and diploma in Clinical Research (PDCR). Dr. Govinds's homeopathic research papers has been published in International Journal of Allied Medical Sciences and Clinical Research (IJAMSCR) and also written a book 'Autonomic nervous system and homeopathy'.More about Dr.GovindGirase
A holistic view of health Although current medical practice recognises that there are connections between mental, emotional and physical conditions, the dominant approach is to break the whole down into parts with separate diagnostic labels. Different drugs are then prescribed for each seemingly unrelated symptom. Most medicines have side effects which add to the patient’s troubles - a search on the Internet will reveal pages of them. To counteract these side effects a new set of drugs may be given. Thus suffering is not ultimately decreased at all but actually increased. Homeopaths use specially prepared, potentised medicines from which toxic effects have been removed. Homeopaths look at the big picture: all the patient’s symptoms are grouped together and understood to represent the whole disease. When making an individual assessment homeopaths look at ancestral health, family issues, conception and gestation, birth and childhood, whilst at all times noting the ways in which the patient manifests uniqueness.