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AVIOTHIC WARCLOUD An Amalgamation of Emotions

Author Name: Athika Shan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

AVIOTHIC WARCLOUD is an open letter and weaving of genuine feelings among the 50,000 thoughts that wander in you, while your eyes are closed.

From penning the desire to taste more seasons or squeezing lemons with different flavours and saying how it feels to be a white pencil on meaningless days...

Skewed creative pursuits articulated in this book tries to connect the world that is almost 2 decades with this planet that has been revolving! Perfectly expressing the spirit of juvenile, that leaves a mystery question to yourself...

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Athika Shan

Athika Shan is a student from Chennai, who loves trying her hand at poetry to reveal a bit of reality…

In her own complicated business of not believing in classifications and taunts of inability, adding aesthetic essence to the ink that her white pages bear, wears maps throughout the journey of self-love.

She defines poetry as a way of enhancing emotions in form of words, while pleasure is experienced...

While she enjoyed her intensity towards debating, public speaking in high school and becoming the highest of yourself is what goals meant. And now presenting the very candid string of words in "AVIOTHIC WARCLOUD".