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Back to Planet Hoola

by Sudipta Das

Format: Paperback

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Back to Planet Hoola”, written by Sudipta Das, is a Sci Fi (Science Fiction) book with philosophical and spiritual tinges, and the author’s wonderful realisations embedded in an alien plot of divine aspirations, evil desires, intrigue, wisdom and love.

In this sequel to the author’s internationally published and globally presented debut fiction, The Asylum Dweller’s Diary, there are imaginative, interesting and insightful stories within the storyline, serving the reader with food for thought.

Kit, the protagonist, takes his friend Doctor Adam Smith, the narrator, to this alien planet Hoola, millions of light years away from Earth. Hoola is a unique multi-coloured planet, and so is the alien Hoo race that lives on it. Kit vows to harmonise the Hoo race fragmented by their colour differences. The odds are heavily against him.

A Sword of honour has to be recovered from the enemy. Ages old anomalies have to be set right. Kit’s unifying efforts inevitably produce ugly reactions from the divisive forces. He is abducted by a ruthless cunning despot. Death is the order for Kit. What happens then?

In the end, was it all Doctor Adam’s dream or did he actually visit the planet Hoola?

The story of the Author is a story of a next door guy who got struck by Divine grace through a multitude of ways. Since boyhood, he has been fascinated and intrigued by questions about relative consciousness, existence and the world. With time these early hazy ideas became clearer.

From his perspective and in his perception, the Almighty got the works done through this aspiring conduit by putting him through a series of fascinating and inspiring, extraordinary psychic and supernatural phenomena.

These are some of the stories behind the story; the non-fiction behind the fiction.



Back to Planet Hoola





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