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Basking Brooks Plunge into a Veristic Reverie Called the Life

Author Name: Arun Prakash | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Saunter by the busy, flowing brook which gurgles like an infant, basking in the late afternoon sun. Feel the cold caress of green grasses, gently thawing under bare feet; their blade-arms sprinkled with faint dewdrops. Lie there, remain motionless and let everything from the inside as well as outside get washed away along with the flowing water.

Basking Brooks aims at bequeathing the feel of soulful lightness that envelops the human heart from divine nature, by carefully wading through the readers’ minds – scanning, deeply analysing and poking at difficult places to release the soul from cages within.

The book is not like any other self-help book to give first-hand advice on how to live, love and survive. It will make you look deeper inside your being, inside those trenches which had not seen any light until then. You will come face to face with the broken, battered, scarred and eventually-healed soul of yours; the encounter that you may have been either faking to have had or avoiding all this while. You will be made to embrace yourself and, ultimately,  feel light at heart.

The book will become your best friend with whom you will have deep, meaningful midnight conversations – no hiding or running away performances. It will strip you down to your flesh and bones and beyond that, to your heart and naked mind too. It will sort you out by slowly allowing you to collapse on yourself and then build a ‘new-you’ out of the pieces, now refined and mystically pure; yes, similar to a phoenix, only here, it is not a myth.

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Arun Prakash

Arun Prakash presently works as an IT professional who has been an aspiring and passionate writer for more than a decade. He has written many literary works including many unpublished poems (around 700) and stories (around 20) in both his native tongue, Tamil, and English. Basking Brooks is his first non-fiction book in English. He is survived by his mother, Santhi, and younger sister, Priya, who lives in Salem, Tamil Nadu. Follow the author on


Instagram: @a_prakaz