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Be ARCH A Perception by U-WE-DESIGN

Author Name: Vaibhavi Bhandary, Rahul Rao, Shravan Shetty | Format: Paperback | Genre : Arts, Photography & Design | Other Details

In a world of rat race, amidst an ocean of career options and opportunities, students often face a dilemma in making the right choice for their careers. While some of them find themselves at a juncture of social pressure, a few others become a victim of lack of knowledge regarding various courses and often end up pursuing a course that may not be what they are really looking for. Hence it is vital for students to know the details of a course with clarity before finalizing on their options. 

This book is curated by three young Architects from U-WE-DESIGN, an architectural design firm with an intention to present clarity in the minds of students about the Bachelor of Architecture course and varied doors of opportunities that it can lead to, with a hope that their simplified expressions about the course will breakdown the uncertainties that are often faced by every young mind who is out in search of information related to the course. 

The book is not only for students but anybody, including guardians/parents who would like to ensure the details of the course and the architectural arena. 

If you are somebody looking forward to knowing about studying architecture or currently pursuing BArch, this book is an all-in-one package for your queries. Through the narrative pages of the book, team U-WE-DESIGN asserts to build confidence in you in making your choice with clarity and certainty. 

To every aspiring mind with big dreams, happy reading and all the best!

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Vaibhavi Bhandary, Rahul Rao, Shravan Shetty

Ar Vaibhavi Bhandary,  Ar Rahul Rao and Ar  Shravan Shetty are three friends from college who now work as a team at their fond studio U-WE-DESIGN, which is an architectural firm co-founded by the former two and the latter one manages the editorials of the firm. 

Rahul realized his interest in design at an early age when he started visiting his father’s company’s site “HR Sanitation” and further stepped to pursue Bachelor of Architecture at Manipal School of Architecture and Planning (MSAP) and later founded the brand name “ELEMENTS” for architectural and interior detailing in 2017.

Likewise, with a preconceived interest in buildings, Shravan enrolled to MSAP to pursue Bachelor of Architecture and his keen interest towards the practical aspect of the design industry urged him to take up live projects at an early stage alongside his studies from 2016 onwards under the brand name DESIGNINFINITY.

The two consolidated to form U-WE-DESIGN, an architectural firm with an ideology of working closely together with the clients. 

On the other hand, Vaibhavi is also a BArch graduate from MSAP with an inclination towards creative writing from the age of 12. In search of a job that serves her interests in both designing and writing, she affiliated with team U-WE-DESIGN’s editorial wing. 

Walking their journeys together with varied phases, the three decided to share their perceptions through a book in 2019, and here they are presenting it to you with love and best wishes!