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Beaver Mole Mother Monk An Incredible Life Story of an Extraordinary Survivor

Author Name: Yasmin Sawhney | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

An Autobiography— started as a legacy for the family and gradually grew into an academic journal of historical, literary and social significance. Many true, sometimes comic and sometimes sad anecdotes, are strung together to make one long but very readable story.

The caption is a teaser to her character, for she is ‘resolute’ like the beaver; like a mole she can hardly see; she helps and cares about others like a mother and like a monk she is not driven by greed or material things.   

The language is ‘refreshingly quaint’.  Rarely does she cross over into modern-day idiom.  Captivating imagery, an appealingly different style, and some philosophical slants make the reader to pause and think. About 100 real photos from her kaleidoscopic life, make the narrative almost a 100% authentic. Yet this book is more than just a heap of some unknown person’s recollections. 

The rare pairing of paintings and poems present a story in a fascinating and unique way for serious readers, Art-connoisseurs, bibliophiles, poetry-lovers, women, Researchers and Scholars. Good drawing skill, dramatic colour-sense and beauty of composition; delight and amaze the reader at the visually inspiring work of a visually-challenged artist. 

 In the aftermath of a heart-rending tragedy — the death of a young and only son and her beloved husband — the book moves to a higher level of consciousness.

Her candid and balanced views of the Fighter-stream of our Air Force – as bizarre but blissful, will inspire and interest innumerable younger men and women. 

She believes that ‘disability need not disable. With hard work and consistency one can grow one’s own tree of able-labels, as she has done.’ 

This story is a sort of crash course in how to live life through diversity and yet dare to dream.

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Yasmin Sawhney

Yasmin Sawhney is a qualified Creative writer, 79 years old, she is a Late Air Force Fighter pilot’s wife; a Late Naval Officer’s mother, a Post graduate; an experienced Homeopath,  a very rare’ ‘painter-poet’, celebrated by the entire Media for years. She is computer-literate, and a magnifying-glass-wielding visually challenged author; a fighter for Justice; and an RTI Activist who won two cases, in one Hearing each, from the Delhi High Court, all by herself.

Having held four solo exhibitions of her Works in Delhi, and published her first book from the Writer’s Workshop, Calcutta, now, she is living in Mumbai. 

She presents this incredible life-story in a unique, all-colour book of many genres from a single mind. That makes her a sort of legend for the common person. 

At 79, and completely house-bound for the last 28 years, she still dresses in style and aspires to further her singing and guitar-playing, to move from ‘seeing’ to ‘hearing’ for she’s the proverbial Phoenix reinventing herself.

Her commentary on the changing face of India — some good some not so good — makes it the footprint she wishes future generations to discover and follow.    

She also feels that the struggles, contributions and achievements of women / mothers seldom get written about,  and hopes this endeavour will create a new genre of many more such works. She is an extraordinary survivor.

What sustains this extraordinary survivor, is her unswerving faith in God; a lifelong yearning for learning and the resolve to move on. 

Quote from her heart - 

“Many say my life is inspirational, but I say, it was never dull.”

                                                                                      ©Yasmin Sawhney