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Because its love

Author Name: Kishore Nanda | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details


Abhiram, a HIV infected old man, is abandoned by his family due to fear of the infection spreading to them. Broken, Abhiram adopts Devika, a prostitute, Adithya, a gay man and Karthik, a mentally retarded child. They become one family, breaking all the rules of society.


Karan, a money–chaser and believer of time is money, finds out that he is about to die at any moment due to his intestine cancer. He becomes friends with an 11-year-old blind boy, Aryan. He changes Karan's life, becomes his wingman to help him find love and teaches him about the real meaning of time.


Aarav, a book author, is in the quest of a dying girl to become part of his manipulative marketing strategy. When he finds Ananya, a cancer patient, he learns about the true meaning of happiness.


Rajesh, a hedonist, finds a missing dog and she teaches him the real values of a relationship.


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Kishore Nanda

Kishore Nanda is a novelist. His debut work Because it’s love is based on the different forms of love around us. He put in three years of hard work to complete the novel.

On December 11, 1988, in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, Kishore was born to a traditional, Telugu-speaking family. His father served as the DSWO in the social welfare department of Andhra Pradesh while his mother worked in a university. He completed his education in his hometown. After completing his graduation, he did his MBA from IIPM Hyderabad. After completing his post-graduation, he worked in a few corporate firms. John Green’s Fault In Our Stars inspired him to become an author. He failed to write while working, so he decided to quit his job. In 2016, he became a full-time author and dedicated all his time to writing. In his quest to find a story for his novel, he made some documentary films on orphan children, AIDS victims, cancer patients, abandoned old age parents and stray dogs. He spent a lot of time interviewing people for documentaries and their stories inspired him to write the novel Because it’s love. Every character in this book was inspired by real ones from his documentaries.