Bedroom Life

by Nitin Darda


Type : Paperback


Summary of the Book

Problems have become a part of everybody’s day to day life. Everyone goes through different types of problems in their lives and ultimately suffers from stress, anxiety, fear. Physical intimacy and sex has therefore, become one of the best ways to relax and to seek release from one’s own problems. But when sex itself becomes a problem then everyone from the individual to the family, society, our nation and even the world becomes disturbed.

This book will explain the different types of problems in sexual relationships and natural techniques of sex. This book also helps people find solutions for these problems. ‘Bedroom Life’ will not only help you find happiness, relaxation and joy in life but also help you on the path towards self-realisation and transformation.

About the Author

NITIN MADANLAL DARDA – AUTHOR, is a HOMOEOPATHIC DOCTOR, who lives and practices homeopathy in PUNE, INDIA. During his 18 years of practice and treatment of thousands of patients suffering from a range of chronic illnesses, the author came to the conclusion that the primary cause behind many ailments is sex. The author felt strongly on the need to spread awareness about sex and thus the book BEDROOM LIFE was born. The author aims to make every person peaceful, joyous, and healthy; and ultimately aims to transform society, our nation and boundaryless world satisfied and content.

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