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Behind My Mask A Teenage Fiction

by Kirn Hans

Format: Paperback

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“I can tell you everything about everyone I know. Their personal life, their private thoughts, their hopes and their fears.... their secrets.”


Naina is an Indian American teenager who has always been psychic. She has no friends because she has always known the truth about them. She can read people like a book, revealing their deepest, darkest secrets.

What she doesn’t know is how to keep them.

Kirn Hans is an 18-year-old author, living in New Delhi, India. She was born in Australia, returning to India for education.

Kirn has won multiple awards for English throughout high school and has been writing from the age of 13, with numerous poems, short stories, articles and debates, several of which have won awards. Behind My Mask is her first full-length novel.



Behind My Mask





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