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Being A Writer


Format: Paperback

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Writing and reading are different but both are seven letter words. Not everyone can become a writer and neither can anyone be a reader. Every person is unique and everyone has a part to play in this world. So, why not just read a story on a storyteller because what if the writer has a story of his own to tell and what if it is the story of his life.

Life is complicated for Sid, an award-winning, critically acclaimed author, bestseller and writer. But suddenly, his life turns around. Sure, life has its ups and downs and every other writer has faced bouts of writing blocks. But Sid’s life decides whether he can or cannot write. Sid has a choice to make, a stand to take. He fights against all odds, including family, friends and relationships and with the backdrop of writing a story, will Sid take the step or is this it?

A 19-year-old upcoming writer and blogger, SUBHAM BANIK is the author of the fictional story, Being A Writer’. He hails from Guwahati and is currently pursuing his B.Tech from the University of Engineering and Management, Jaipur. Since his childhood, Subham has had an influence on people’s lives and written stories about it for his own pleasure. He has written articles for newspapers such as The Assam Tribune and The Telegraph. This is the first full-fletched book written by Subham and it is a reflection of his love for telling stories. You can reach him by email at subhambanik234@gmail.com or like his Facebook page “Being A Writer”. You can also follow him on twitter @authorreveal10.



Being A Writer





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