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Being Silly

by Srianshu Awasthi

Format: Paperback

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 All set near the banks of Ganga, inside the IIT-Kanpur, the story is about a teenage Girl, Divya Shukla, her adventures in her college, and her love. In the crossroads of her love and family, she finds that life is not as simple as she once felt. Welcome to Being Silly… 

The debutant author, Srianshu Awasthi, graduated in 2011 and holds a degree in Mass communication & Journalism, in addition to his diplomas, with the specialization in Mass Media and Creative Writing in English language. He hails from Kanpur, and did his graduations from ASMS, AAFT Marwah Studios Film City, Noida. He loves travelling. He is a foodie and likes to try his hand in cooking. He lends his helping hands in his father’s business. Being graduated from a film school, he finally ended up writing his first novel Being Silly.



Being Silly





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