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Between Smiles And Tears

by Sovesh Mohapatra

Format: Paperback

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It all started on the night of the 9th January 2014 but after long hurdled race it finally comes to an end of the night 15th April, 2014. But, I could not also believe my self that I had completed 50 poems in this 97 seductive nights. These all credits, goes to only one girl who just left my hand before few days Late Miss Anwesha Mishra on the day of 8th January 2014.

This book is not written by big author or a poet or having big qualified person. It is only written by a Class - 7 guy in the sorrow of her best friend's funeral pyre. Thanks for appreciating my book and using your money to read this small poet's small story.



Between Smiles And Tears





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