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Beyond the Shores of Home

by Aishwariyaa Ramakanthan

Format: Paperback

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A tradition bound widow existing precariously at the largesse of her brother’s family in a remote provincial village has no choice but to barter her young daughter for the future of her son. Forced into an early marriage and full of apprehension, her daughter Savithri journeys to the dense plantations of Malaya and evolves into a woman who cautiously embraces change, new relationships and most importantly her grand-niece, Elisa.

Living on her own terms and to make amends for a wrong committed by her family, Elisa thinks nothing of reaching out to Madison Blue, a teenager who lives with her alcoholic mother in a trailer park. Blue, with Elisa's help, discovers her true calling and fulfills the dream of a fallen woman.

An English and History teacher by profession, Aishwariyaa Ramakanthan lives in San Jose, California. She travels frequently to India, and Singapore where she was born and raised.



Beyond the Shores of Home





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