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भवति ॰ Bhavati The Stories of Women by Woman

Author Name: Disha Y Bangera | Format: Paperback | Genre : Letters & Essays | Other Details

All women are a celebrity and glamourous hero in their life, every woman who exists in this world deserves the salute This book contains a segment of the character story, inspired women hero lines and poems, to enjoy more and get more dipped into the ecstasy and serene.

The Author has written several stories on women their inspiration and struggles and how they have come out of that situation with the motivational ending and with positive courage. Author, all the writers like to conclude with a positive outcome in all her books.

There are 9 inspirational stories of the women in this book which author has tried to give examples to other readers with a few quotes and poetry too on the same. It’s a story of many women their deep feelings, and thoughts of one’s life which can be read learned, and inspired by.

Starting from the Vedas before 3000yrs ago till this era Woman author has written brief and her research on the Woman.

Dreams I saw...

was it a nightmare...?

No, I said inside my mind and heart,

Dreams for a better future,

Dreams for better Life,

expectations of love with love in exchange,

did I demand something more from life...?

With folded hands gazing at the sky still, I recall those words and laugh,

Saying the word "Let it be”, with my inner self...!!!

Paperback 159

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Disha Y Bangera

The Author Disha Y Bangera  loves stories, poetries, both reading and creating them. Her short stories in her previous book on life and poetry book on love have been published

The Author Disha Y Bangera is a writer, poet, Counselor, speaker, and social activist, An activist who is fighting for change in society. with her Social work in a way to help and meet the goal of social justice.She has successfully Published her two books.