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Blahman and theTerrifying Terror of Jesica

Author Name: Srijan Kabra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

This fiction comic book is a 3rd instalment of amazing adventures of two best friends Aven and Steven, accompanied by our superhero Blahman. All of these tales are inter-connected as well as super independent, that could be read individually or in a sequence. Like before, this time as well, our Superhero ‘Blahman’ is giving us a rollercoaster ride of thrill, adventure, fun and with small little cute brains of kids who wants to save the world. The noble take continues to give us thrill and keeps us glued till the end.

“Blahman and the terrifying terror of Jesica” is a saga which took place right after the 2nd adventure of ‘Zombies Apocalypse’ where we saw that Aven and Steven did defeat the giant zombie and saved the world, however, while doing so, Jesica traps both of them in a translucent box filled with monsters, and now, these two best friends have to find a way out!

Was Jesica planning something more? Will they ever get out? How will they deal with the monsters? What is the way to get out? Let’s find answers in the book, have fun…enjoy the ride!

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Srijan Kabra

Srijan Kabra is not just another kid on the block, he is gifted with talent, never-ending enthusiasm and charisma of attracting everyone. His imagination and sketches will take you in the world where the spirit of facing all odds and winning will come alive, along with a twist of adventure, thrill and fun. He loves simple life, friends gathering, small funny tales and sci-fi movies with loads of popcorns.

Inspired by everyday events, he writes fictional stories involving his characters Aven, Steven and many more. His expert writing skills will be easily felt when you will read about childish thinking, imaginations to get superpowers and the issues they solve to save the world. For his readers, let us give you the names of previous two editions. They are ‘Journey to the space with Blahman,’ and ‘Blahman and the attack of the wicked zombies’. Hope you’ll will enjoy the 3rd instalment of fun filled journey of saving the world.