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Blooming at Midnight

by Deepak Warrier

Format: Paperback

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Blooming at Midnight is a collection of short stories that revolve around the sacred shores of Banaras. These stories bring forth a savoring notion. In this world, where people are in a constant race for supremacy, power, dominance and control, this book comes as a redeemable thought towards happiness. Through the book, the author underlines a golden thought, “Happiness is you.”

An auto driver, Rajkumar; a domestic help, Shei; a boatman, Vijay; a drunken artist, Banu Desai; a social activist Babu Da; a missing friend Chandra are not mere characters that appear across the fifteen chapters, but are a part of experiences that help break the silence of ignorance.

Deepak hails from Irinjalakuda, a beautiful town in Thrissur, Kerala. Born into a loving family, it’s only fair to believe that Deepak inherited qualities of kindness, affection, passion and love from his mom, dad and sister. His father, Venu G Warrier, an author himself, has been a major source of Deepak’s literary stimulation. After spending his childhood across various places like Calcutta, Bombay, Chennai and Cochin, Deepak is now handling an e-commerce initiative and is settled in Bangalore, with his biggest strength, critic and inspiration – Karthika, his wife.

Deepak, a passionate photographer, a talented musician and an avid blogger, has written articles, editorials and reviews for various online portals, which can be considered as his entry to the literary world. It took years for Deepak to start writing the first chapter of his book, but what began well, had to end well. Karthika, who meanwhile entered his life, played a pivotal role in completing the book and putting it in order.



Blooming at Midnight





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