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Booze, Babes And Bread A Rastafarian Rollercoaster

Author Name: AJAY MINOCHA | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details


While Marley sung, the Rastafarians wondered when life would ever be like a chess -board where the blacks and whites played as equals. It wasn’t fair that the whites had used the might of the horses in history and the guile of their wizards in recent times to conquer them blacks and then juggled them around like pawns.

THE SHOW: The white and the black, the have and the have not, the local and the foreigner, and the buffalo soldiers all cheerfully danced in unison to 'The beat of Marley's spirit.'

THE SHOWMAN: A twenty five year old Rastafarian lad Gangadeen Moses. Ganga’ the name of the river Ganges; a symbol of purity in India; a name his mother might have so fondly kept thinking her son would grow up to become a delta of happiness. Not this one that was more like a river in spate; fast and furious eroding all ethics and morals in life just to get to life's greenest pastures taking the shortest and fastest route with it and meandering onto a street in the fast lane that called itself 3B. 'Booze, babes and bread.............'


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Sorry we are currently not available in your region.

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