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Buddhu's Legacy A collection of short stories.

Author Name: Navin Chandra Joshi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

If watches had tongues, they would have thanked Buddhu for breathing life in to them. He was such a craftsman. Was his legacy carried on after he left?

Why were the officials scared of TundeLaat, the English boss in Babuji’s office?

Why did Ghisa run away at such a tender age? What fate awaited him in a new city?

What ‘Strange Game’ did God play in reuniting two childhood friends?

What message did GhasitaBauri convey to the society? The story of tribulations a beggar undergoes in his life.

Why do we not find neighbours like Bhawani Shankar in our modern community?

How BhikuRai personified ‘dedication’ of a father to his son while nursing him for a dreadful and contagious disease?

‘Revisiting A Lost Childhood’ is a poignant saga of a mother’s tolerance and defiance to a set social order.

‘Buddhu’s Legacy’ and many such stories is an anthology of different shades and genre. These are based on the author’s real life experience with different characters and events, an account of ‘Memories’ revived as short stories.

Author has interestingly portrayed each character and incident, no matter how trivial it may appear to be.


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