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Campus Placement Directory

by Durgesh Gurnani

Format: Paperback

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'Will Maya get a campus placement' revolves around Maya, who is talented but unlucky in getting a job from Campus. To her surprise, she finds that Vainateya has two backlogs and still grabs an offer from Campus. Then there is Aakash who appears in the placement process just because he has nothing else to do on that particular day, and even he gets through. She fails to understand why her strengths are not sufficient to secure her a job. Why is she not able to arrive at the pith of her weakness and work on it? Until Kinni gives her a direction – the puny push.  Will Kinni's small help motivate her to change her attitude? Is it right to say that – 'If everything is not fine in the end, then it is not the end?'

My “day job” involves developing business strategy for some of the largest brands of the world. Throughout my career, I have worked with clients in almost every major industry- and I bring in that expertise to every speaking engagement with relevant examples and stories.

I write my daily learning’s in my blog https://durgeshgurnani.wordpress.com, which is followed by thousands of students around the world.

If you wish to invite me to your college for a seminar before your placements, drop me an email at durgeshgurnani@gmail.com and I shall respond personally. You can even connect with me on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CampusPlacementDirectory?ref=hl



Campus Placement Directory





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