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Cartwheels Of The Mind

by Yezdi

Format: Paperback

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Cartwheels Of The Mind is a collection of short stories set in urban India. Each story has at its core, facets of human strengths or frailties which is brought to the fore by the protagonists. Whether its the feisty Annabel escaping from her shackles of the seminary or Gopal an ordinary man with an extra-ordinary gift, each story has a plot designed to tug at the heartstrings and is an expression of the joyous celebration of Life.

Yezdi Pervez Billimoria is a book lover with an avid interest in books and is a voracious reader. His reading habits are wide ranging from James Hadley Chase to James Herriot and from The Bible to Baldacci. He sincerely believes in the adage – a book is man’s best friend – and has many a time sacrificed other transient pleasures to experience the more fulfilling and deep-rooted pleasures of reading.

Apart from reading, the author’s other main passion is music and he is crazy about the Beatles, Rock n roll, Queen and everything in between. This is alongside his love for Hindi film songs with Kishore Kumar, Rafi and Shaan being his favourites. He lives in Bangalore with his wife and two children.

Yezdi would like to hear from you, about your views on his first book. He can be reached at http://facebook.com/cartwheelsofthemind



Cartwheels Of The Mind





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