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by Brendan Low Shern Leong

Format: Paperback

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The dust of the manuscript sticks firmly onto the palm of the curious adventurer. The vision of the dastardly beast scares away most. But not him. To him the beast is not just some fantasy, but something so real. A myth on one side of the coin, but Truth on the other. He will soon discover that the beast is so much different - and so much more powerful - from what he expected. Author's note: The story is told mainly in two forms: Poetry of the Beast and Entries of the Adventurer into his journal. Follow the progress of both characters and they will guide your path to understanding the conflict of the beast, and much more.

When he isn't turning every possible experience in life into an opportunity for poetry, Brendan spends time reading about theology, playing the piano and producing music on his YouTube channel. At other times, he is a typical Asian student, with his head buried in his Accounting textbooks, but his mind alert to the opportunities in life that God provides.






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