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Ceasing to Disown The Vibrance in Not Letting Go 

Author Name: Sunny Ramesh Sadnani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

The most perfectly sounding and symmetrically aligned year – 2020 is perhaps the biggest antithesis of our times. Perhaps, of the century.

Being born in the 1990’s, I would often wonder if I’d get a chance to be part of a global phenomenon, something that shall be recorded in the annals of mankind. Please read that again. “I’d wonder.” Not sure if I wanted the same.

My book is the very persona of the similar antithesis that life is. It is a collection of poetries which serve as a reminder of what we have found solace in or maybe continue to hopelessly endure, not for a few moments or days, but for perhaps years and decades and what we choose to not let go regardless of the consequences.  Maybe even feel vibrant about it!

In this book, I have attempted to relay my emotions with respect to family, parents, romantic alliances, failure, redemptions, loneliness, anger, sex, the natural environment, diversity. And then some more. Essentially, it is a representation of the emotions that we all feel in a recurring fashion.

I have learnt a lot through the process of writing these poems. The irony also is in the fact that there were some really important people who I wrote the poems for. They are no longer significant to my life.

But these poetries are. This book is. Its success will be.

I have learnt that empathy is the greatest virtue. I have learnt that hard work is the only skill. I have learnt that love has infinite manifestations. I have tried to personify them.

I hope you find the courage to let go and if not, find vibrance in not letting go

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Sunny Ramesh Sadnani

Sunny is a 29 year old Mumbai bred bloke who is resisting moving towards the Big Three O.(30)

He has always been a fan of creative arts and writing and love for the English language comes naturally to him. Although he has never been published before or had a job remotely associated with writing, he has infused the vibrance of creativity in his persona which brings him to now lead the sales function at a leading software organization. He inherits a lot of this vibrance from his father.

He enjoys travelling extensively and finds solace in solitary travel.

Personally he abhors lethargy and panic and is on a mission to shed these off his personality.