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Chained Can you escape fate?

by Mehek Bassi

Format: Paperback

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Love    :  One of the strongest emotions

Money :  One of the deadliest powers

Fame   :  One of the most poisonous drugs

When fame overpowers trust, when money rules the relationships, will the true love survive?

Will Arjun be able to drag himself out of the pool of guilt, for killing his wife, Shiya?

When the superstar Rehan, is dragged from riches to rags, will he be able to live the life of a common man, again?

Is patience, always worth it?

For how long can you wait to re-unite with your lover?

What if the wait is as long as three decades?

Will they be able to change their fate, or they’ll forever remain ‘Chained’?

Mehek Bassi is 19 years old, Computer Engineering Student from Ludhiana (Punjab), and a typical Facebook addict! She experiences boredom very frequently and her sudden shift from BSc. to Engineering is an example of her bouncy life and a typical-traveller-Sagittarian trait that she nurses! One thing that is constant in her is her keen interest in writing and reading.

Her creative mind; triggered the idea of novel writing. She still sleeps with her teddy bears, and cries at the end of emotional dramas. In mom’s kitchen, she couldn’t go beyond some hazardous and life risking cooking disasters, so she’s prohibited to enter the kitchen. In her dad’s office, she started with deleting all important contacts that lead to major losses in business, so she’s not welcomed there either. This anticipated isolation from every possible work-sphere in her vicinity, lead to the production of her first book!

She is an ardent blogger and regularly updates her website www.mehek.in with her articles and short stories. She is also a nail artist and an adept (bathroom) singer!








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